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Coach Rick Kolster

Speaks  The "BALD TRUTH"



Coach Rick Says:  

"Roll Up Your Sleeves & Get To Work"

Coach Rick Speaks Sales and Motivation 


Rick is a serial entrepreneur, starting his entrepreneurial life at the age of 11 cutting lawns and shoveling snow off of neighbors sidewalks for $2.00 per house. Then at the age of 22 he bought his first restaurant which went on to become the largest seller of a national beer in the county.  He then went on to build and operate over 15 restaurants and high energy dance clubs throughout the US.  This allow him to move to a corporate role where he built sales teams for companies like Fox Sports Direct and Belden W&C and lead transformational efforts at numerous other organizations.

Rick's no nonsense approach to leading and achieving has helped him lead teams and companies to new sales, revenue and profit levels. In fact he had become known as the go to leader to create, build, motivate and inspire nonexistent or under performing teams.

While at Fox Sports direct Coach Rick was especially known for his industry savvy.

"He was always the Sales Manager in the Commercial Division that I regarded as having the best advice on presentation approaches, and for industry knowledge"

   Glenn Gurgiolo, President, Fox Sports Direct
After 12 years building and managing restaurants as an entrepreneur, he made a career shift and began his second career building sales teams in the corporate world. With that came massive travel and he was living out of a suitcase traveling throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico for the next 14 years. In 2003 he made a decision to improve his life balance and founded thePeak P​erformance Group to help other busy executives and leaders maximize their lives. His desire to share his life lessons (good and bad) to help leaders become effective drives his life and business today.  

Coach Rick is a two time author and sought after expert executive coach on leadership, sales and team dynamics. He wants to help you make life simple and fun again. His 30+ years of corporate and entrepreneurial experiences give him a unique perspective on leading and succeeding. Coach Rick has become known as an expert in building teams, leading change and developing managers into leaders. Coach Rick is a communicator and his easy going, yet serious manner touches all levels of an organization.

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What you can expect from Coach Rick

Coach Rick will energize your team.  His style is straight forward and no nonsense.  He will share with your group exactly what he says, The BALD TRUTH on success and accomplishment.

You see, Rick is not only a public speaker. He is a communicator.